Sex Coaching

I offer Sex and Relationship Coaching for women, men and couples either in person in London or by phone and Skype. My unique approach draws on both my qualification as psychosexual therapist and my expertise as a tantra teacher. I will support and guide you through your personal coaching program to help you transform sex and relationship issues in order to have a positive impact on your life. My coaching is also available to women, men and couples with physical disability.

How does Sex Coaching work?

From our first meeting, I will encourage open discussion about sex and relationships without judgment or criticism and everything you choose to share is completely confidential; my role is to support you in discovering your potential and to help you to increase your confidence and performance.

How is Sex Coaching different from Sex Therapy?

Coaching differs from Therapy in that it works with what is happening at the present time and offers positive solutions for your future, rather than focusing on your past –the past may provide explanations. I am passionate about helping you to fulfill your sex and relationship dreams and always work towards your goals right from the first meeting.

What can I expect from a Sex Coaching session?

You will be asked specific questions about your sexuality and relationship(s); you will be listened to without judgement; you will receive feedback about beliefs, behaviours and thoughts that are negatively impacting your sexual confidence; you will be supported and encouraged.

What's included in a Sex Coaching session?

A typical Coaching session will include discussion, relevant sex education and teaching of techniques, counselling support, practicing exercises, watching DVDs and agreeing home assignments. All sessions are a balance of talking, learning and practicing and plenty of time for questions. I also collaborate with a team of surrogate practitioners who provide body coaching where this is appropriate.

How many Sex Coaching sessions do I need?

This will depend on your situation and the nature of what you require support with. I recommend that you attend for at least three Coaching sessions in order to feel progress and notice change and my ethos is work with you to acheive a positive outcome in the most effective manner.

How long are Sex Coaching sessions?

Sex Coaching sessions vary between 1 to 3 hours.

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